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Embroidered Memories: Stories by Muslim Youth in Diaspora

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Creative platform for Muslim youth to be seen and recognized

Notebook and Pen

Cloudy With A Chance of Islamophobia

by F. I. Ullah

F. I. Ullah is a Muslim Canadian woman who fell in love with reading and writing at a young age. In grade 11, she found her place in spoken word poetry and performed at tdsbCREATES and Louder Than A Bomb. In her free time, she can be found reading, brainstorming creative writing pieces, learning about global issues, and creating vacation itineraries for countries she dreams of visiting.

Was it Worth it?

by Yasmin Said

“The girl who speaks the words she writes.” As I clean myself my name is Yasmin Said and I have been writing and performing spoken word poetry for 6 years. In my free time I also love to take part in leadership roles in the community and as an Hijab-wearing individual, I strive to promote inclusivity and authenticity in all fields. Specifically in writing I believe that what makes art truly beautiful is its expressform. I believe that no two pieces can be the same even if crafted by the same person, and to me, that’s something special.

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For Hope, I Needed

by Amna A. Alvi

Hi, my name is Amna Alvi, and I am 18 years old. I am currently a business major student at the University of Toronto. I love playing different sports such as soccer, swimming and skating. I like to paint and draw, doing art with different mediums, but my favourite hobby would be to curl up with a book and read for hours, which is where I got the inspiration to start writing.

When Night Arrives (LIVE YOUR FREE)

by Aisha Nuweisr

Aisha's poetry and creative writing journey began in her last year of high school where she accidentally took a writer's craft class and it turned out to be one of the best 'mistakes' she ever made. Aisha has performed at several events including Louder Than A Bomb Toronto, the Cinderella Glass Cleat event hosted by Islamic Soccer League, Human Rights Film Festival by JAYU and many other local hot spots!

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Image by Noom Peerapong

The Quilt of my Ancestors

by Heba Khan

Poetry is not only a means of self-expression for Heba Khan but also a mirror in which she aims to reflect the inner state of the society. She has been writing for over a decade in a mosaic of languages that she has inherited and learned throughout her life and has published her work in local and global anthologies, along with several publications, including The Matchstick, SmART Magazine amongst others. Her poem “A Poet’s Dead Languages” has also been recognized as the winning poem by the City of Mississauga. Recently growing in her passion for poetry, she has expanded beyond the realm of the pen and has been refining her craft in spoken poetry, earning third place in her first poetry slam. Heba aspires to bridge the distance between many worlds, one poem at a time.

Scarborough Simbas Short Documentary

by Babour Zainullah

If you read my name from right to left it will spell as "Roubab". It is another type of guitar from the middle east. I am Toronto based videographer and photographer, who is final goal is to become a filmmaker. I enjoy creating stories about human behaviors and showing their hidden thoughts. I am a part-time Youtuber, soccer player, brother, and son.

Image by Sandie Clarke

He is Allah (SWT)

by Moqaddasa Muhtaj

My name is Moqaddasa Muhtaj. I am 17 years old and I am an Arabic calligraphy artist. My love for Arabic calligraphy and Islamic architecture is what got me into painting, and eventually selling my artwork. I should thank the first lockdown for giving me nothing to do, which eventually led me to my first artwork! From then on I realized my passion for Arabic calligraphy and learned to write with the traditional bamboo qalam (pen). I hope to continue to strengthen my skills and to grow as an artist!

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“I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.”

Muhammad Ali

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